Psychic Development Classes – Level 1

Keli Raymond, certified clinical hypnotherapist, offering psychic development classes

The level 1 of our psychic development classes includes:

Session 1. Basic Skill Assessment, Intuitive History Overview, Basics of Meditation

Session 2. Guided Imagery and Achieving Expanded State of Awareness.

Session 3. Achieving Expanded State of Awareness, Meet Your

Spirit Guide & Recognizing His/Her Energetic Calling Card.

Session 4. Practicing Expanded State of Awareness Through Guided Imagery,

Introduction to Your Healing Guide

Session 5. Guided Meditation to Healing Temple, Exercising Your Intuitive Muscle

Session 6. Orin’s Opening Up Your Psychic Abilities Meditation-Pineal Gland/Third

Eye & Exercising Your Intuitive Muscle Through- “Making Decisions

Using Your Intuition.

Session 7. Psychometry. Auras and Introduction to Energy Work. Introduction to

Psychic Readings and Decoding Symbolism.

Session 8. Decoding Psychic Symbolism, Energy Work & Intuitive Body Scans.

Session 9. Intuitive Body Scans Continued, Introduction to the Akashic

Records Hall

Session 10. Akashic Record Hall-Opening & Closing Prayer

Session 11. Introduction to Psychic Medium Work

Session 12. Psychic Medium Work Practice & Introduction to Channeling

Session 13. Practical- Live Reading

Please call Keli for more information about her psychic development classes at (754) 484-4492.