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Dr Steve G Jones

“I recently had the pleasure of participating in a psychic reading by Keli Pescatore. I had never had a reading before and had so many incorrect preconceived notions about what it would be like. I must also confess that I was not a big believer in the whole concept, but Keli quickly changed that for me! While I was expecting just a lot of general information about people that had crossed over, Keli was able to talk about specific people with surprisingly accurate information! In fact, she was able to tell me detailed information about a friend’s husband who had passed about 7 years ago. When I relayed this information to my friend the following day (i.e., a certain routine that he followed every night, while living, to say good night to his daughters), my friend was astounded at the accuracy of the information (which I previously knew nothing about). Keli also made a prediction about a life event for this friend, which came true about 2 months after the reading. Further, Keli had visions of my future career path which has led me to re-analyze my life goals. Originally, the idea of using psychic services like a reading seemed somewhat unnerving to me — I was even worried that it might be quite overwhelming! Rather, I was pleasantly surprised with the calm, relaxed atmosphere of my reading. Keli was very professional and gave me the opportunity to ask questions and provide input. I found the reading to be such a positive experience, which gave me greater insight into myself, the world around me, and the world beyond.”

Doreen S

Coral Springs, Florida

Why do I offer psychic services? We are all born with psychic or intuitive abilities. As a Psychic Medium, I am able connect with The Other Side and those who have crossed over from this lifetime into the afterlife.

I connect my clients with loved ones who have transitioned from this lifetime into the Spiritual realm.

I give psychic readings on past, present and future events.

I am a Channel and bring Spirit directly through me. I also offer medical body scans, access to The Akashic Records Hall, energy work, Guide and Angel work, psychic skill development and meditation classes, and more.

From Developing Psychic Gifts to Using Psychic Services and Helping Others to Live Their Life to the Fullest

As a young child, I did not know I was blessed with these gifts.

I had a profound sense of “knowing” at times, but not any real sense of my psychic abilities. Once entering college, I became interested in psychic phenomenon, soon was impassioned and set out on my journey to develop my intuitive/psychic gifts.

What began as a natural curiosity turned into years of self-study. I taught myself the art of meditation and from there a whole new world opened up…one that still amazes me to this day.


How I Met My Spirit Guides

Through meditation I met my 4 Spirit Guides. They subsequently taught me about energy work and how the mind affects and heals the body through vibration. My Guides revealed The Akashic Record Hall to me and I now regularly access them for my clients, students as well as for myself. My Guides at times speak through me via Channeling but are always standing by, ready to give sage advice to all open to receive it.

The Spiritual Realm knows everything there is to know about you.  

It’s the place to go to gain wonderful insights about your life. The advice they give is always timely and exactly what you need at the time.


How I Help Others To Uncover Their Gifts

What took me YEARS to psychically develop, I now regularly teach others. Over the years I developed tried and true processes that allowed me to uncover my gifts. Now, in 13 short weeks, my students are able to discover their unique set of psychic abilities in my level 1 psychic development class.

Level 2 Psychic Development class offers the opportunity to hone those skills learned in Level 1 and fully utilize them in a “practical” learning environment.

Upon completion, graduating students are able to use their gifts in their daily life. If their skills lend itself to the work, they may also choose to use them in service of others.


Psychic Development Level 1& 2:

  1. Psychic Readings
  2. Energy Work/Energy Healing
  3. Akashic Records
  4. Channeling
  5. Psychic Mediumship
  6. Intuitive Counseling
  7. Other Intuitive Services
  8. Meditation Classes
  9. Psychic Development Classes

“I wanted to take the time to express how grateful I am that Keli came into my life. It was “divine” timing. I believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. And so she did! I was at a point in my life that I felt very “stuck”. Like I was not moving forward and I was just in limbo. Over the last few years, I had lost a tremendous amount of weight, which changed my body, but not my mind. I still had my “fat girl” mentality. It was an old limiting belief system that was keeping me from being the person I wanted to be. I was always self-conscious. I had very low self-esteem and it caused anxiety. It affected my new business, my relationships, my goals, everything. When I met Keli, I knew right then I wanted Hypnotherapy. I am so glad I made that decision! Keli was able to bring me deep within my subconscious and process why I was feeling the way I did. I was harboring past issues that I didn’t even know were affecting me. Each session was a new “aha” moment. She helped me to let go of old patterns and create new ones. It has truly changed my life for the better. I am more confident and fearless. My business is prospering because of that. My relationships with my family are much better. I believe in myself and I own my accomplishments now. I’m feeling better than ever. It was one of the best investments I ever made for myself. I also want to mention that I had a reading done by Keli as well. I’ve had psychic readings done before, but not like this! She connected with my mother who passed in 2002. There was a lot of pain and unfinished business with my mother, which added to the issues I was dealing with. Keli gave me clarity and validation. She was so detailed in the information she gave me, there’s no way she could have known these things. It meant the world to me and brought me such peace. Keli truly is amazingly talented! Thank you Keli. I am forever grateful for your psychic services. Much love!”

Debi W

Certified Personal Trainer, MyoFit Mobile Personal Training

“Keli, your psychic services and readings have been such an amazing experience and blessing in my life. Not only has it touched my life, but the lives of my family. The readings have helped heal so much heartache due to grief and loss. Nothing can totally take away the pain of losing a loved one, but your readings provide an opportunity to connect with love again and feel comforted knowing our loved ones are OK, healed, and happy. I truly believe part of the reason you were given this gift is because this kind of information can only be communicated through someone whose heart truly understands the deep meaning of love, life and a soul’s journey. Love is a gift that lives in this world and the next. You help communicate that gift. Your readings, for me, have helped me feel a deeper sense of the love that exists beyond. It has made me want to do a better job of loving in this life.”

Michelle L

Relocation Specialist/Realtor, American Dwellings Realtors, Rockton, Illinois

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We offer personal, one on one sessions in Coral Springs, Sacramento/Bay Areas, and also offer online services via Skype, FaceTime, etc., which are equally effective.

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If you are seeking help for an issue that is negatively affecting your life, call Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling. Call Keli for a complimentary consultation at (754) 484-4492. All psychic services are available via one on one sessions in our offices in Coral Springs and Sacramento/Bay Areas, by phone or online. Request your consultation here.

Areas we serve: FLORIDA – Coral Springs, surrounding areas in Broward, Palm Beach, & Dade Counties including Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Dania Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Hollywood, Lauderhill, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Miramar, Oakland Park, Parkland, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Tamarac, Weston, West Park, and Wilton Manors. Zip codes:  33065, 33405, 33196, 33431, 33066, 33004, 33441, 33301, 33009, 33020, 33313, 33064, 33063, 33334, 33076, 33026, 33317, 33060, 33351, 33321, 33327, 33023, 33334.  CALIFORNIA – Elk Grove, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Oakland, Fremont, San Francisco, and San Jose. Zip codes: 95758, 94605. However, Keli can conduct most session over the phone or video chat (Skype), FaceTime, etc, which allows her to serve clients all over the world, at any location.