Meet Keli

waiting room at wall with certifications, Pathway Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Counseling, Coral Springs, South Florida, and Sacramento, Bay Areas, CA
wall with certifications, Pathway Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Counseling, Coral Springs, South Florida, and Sacramento,Bay Areas, CA

Welcome to all who have found their way to my website!

I am a firm believer that “all things happen for a reason” and there are no coincidences in life. Therefore you landing here, at this specific time and place was meant to be.

It also means that even if we do not end up working together, you will likely find something within the content of my website that will help you in some way.

As they say, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I am a teacher at heart, so for all of you ready students who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, know that I have been where you are and profoundly healed and transformed through the art of hypnotherapy.

I used to struggle with exhausting, ever present anxiety and baseline depression. I struggled with it for more than 15 years, yet in fast order I was able to get on the other side of it through hypnosis. It actually happened in my training process…it was that quick! I also struggled with weight issues throughout my life and lost 50 lbs. through hypnotherapy…. and have kept it off! I am a walking, talking, breathing testimonial for what I do. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you will see testimonials throughout my website from the many, many I’ve helped to heal and transform. Hearing their stories will hopefully allow you to see yourself in theirs. We all have issues. My clients and I are just like YOU and have been where are. We’ve healed and SO CAN YOU!

“It’s such an honor to be able to improve the quality of people’s lives through a transformative skill set known as hypnotherapy.”

Keli Raymond,

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Let me tell you a little about myself …

I am a graduate from U.C. Berkeley and value quality and education. As a 3rd year Berkeley Pre-Med student, I realized my true life’s work was not in traditional medicine, but resided elsewhere. After years of working successfully in Corporate America, gaining invaluable business experience, I was left feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. As a result, I refocused my attention towards my true life’s calling. In 2011 upon discovering the unique, long lasting and healing effects of hypnosis, I dedicated my efforts toward learning and mastering the full spectrum of hypnotherapy. So today, I help people heal…maybe not in the traditional way I thought I would all those years ago, but in a profound and effective way nevertheless!

Also as a college student, I began to explore my interest in psychic phenomenon and set out to discover my psychic abilities. After years of self study, honing my unique set of psychic skills, I began giving readings to friends and family members. They gained so much from my intuitive readings they encouraged me to step out on faith and share my gifts with others. As a result of their encouragement, I have been giving accurate, professional readings over 18 years. We ALL have intuition and psychic abilities. I am a Psychic Medium and this gift allows me to connect my clients with their loved ones that have crossed over into the Spiritual Realm. This enables them to heal grief and loss faster, receive closure for unresolved issues that allows them to move forward in their life with a wonderful sense of restored peace .

“I help people harness the power within their subconscious mind to overcome issues they’ve struggled with their entire lives. I guide them toward their healing…I show them the way, but they are the ones that are truly healing themselves. I empower my clients with knowledge and a depth of understanding so they have the ability to transform and live happier lives.”

Keli Raymond, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling

Keli Raymond, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Dr Steve G Jones

Testimonial Dr Steve G Jones

Teaching clients how to develop their own psychic abilities helps them to live their lives better.

Keli Raymond, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pathway Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Counseling, LLC.

Intuitive readings help my clients to obtain greater clarity in their lives. I also teach others how to develop their own psychic abilities. As a self taught Psychic Medium, what took me years to learn, I am able to teach students in my Level 1 & 2 Psychic Development classes in pretty short order. It’s my personal experience that has taught me it’s your intuition that is your connection to Source Energy/God/The Divine. It helps me to navigate the daily challenges of life. As a teacher, I love planting the seeds of Spirituality within others. I find that so many are searching for MORE in life….looking for answers to what lies beyond our human experience. The truth is that we ALL come here equipped with all the answers we need in life to fully express ourselves, empowered to step into our destiny! Developing your intuition gives you the power to tap into that Divine resource.

My intuitive abilities have aided in my growth process. They’ve allowed me to heal and grow from many challenges!

What I used to do as my pastime, following my passion, I now share with others in a meaningful and healing way. How wonderful is that?

How many people can say they are able do this on a daily basis? This is not just my job, this is my life’s work!”

Keli Raymond is a psychic medium, certified clinical hypnotherapist, ACHE hypnotherapy instructor and designated examiner. She holds ACHE (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) clinical & transpersonal certifications from the first hypnotherapy school state-licensed by the Florida Department of Education and a member of the Florida Association of Postsecondary School and Colleges.

“I highly recommend Keli Raymond….she is a person who I know wants the best for you, really cares about people and seeks out opportunities to find out how to help you best. Work with her.”

Dr. Steve G. Jones,

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Keli was born in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science with a concentration in Economics and Public Health. During Keli’s time at U.C. Berkeley, she became interested in intuitive phenomenon and embarked upon her journey as a student of the subject. She began the daily practice of meditation and from there discovered many of her psychic abilities. She also mentored under a Medical Intuitive where her gifts were further revealed and encouraged to use her psychic gifts in service of others. 

Keli’s psychic abilities include Psychic Readings on Past, Present and Future, Psychic Mediumship, Channeling, Intuitive Medical Body Scans, Transformative Healing Energy Work, Accessing the Akashic Records Hall, Spirit Guide and Angel Work, Reading Auras, Chakra Clearing, Spiritual Development Through Law of Attraction, Teaching Others to Discover and Develop their own Psychic Abilities.

In addition, Keli provides grief counseling and unique insight to those who have unresolved issues concerning loved ones who have transitioned from this life experience into the Spiritual Realm.

We all have intuition, I am not special. Maybe not everyone is a Psychic Medium, but certainly we all have our own psychic abilities waiting to be discovered. All answers come in quiet and stillness. Meditation is the foundation of my intuitive work. It is the place to go for all the answers we seek. Likewise, hypnosis provides a place of quiet and stillness. Hypnosis is a “sleep state”, also an altered state of awareness like meditation. It is in the sleep state where all healing occurs and one of the reasons hypnotherapy is such a healing modality for so many issues.

Through both hypnosis and meditation we are able to achieve expanded states of awareness…that place you need to be to access the answers you seek and to heal.

Both modalities, although separate practices dovetail beautifully to facilitate the work that I do that offers my clients an integrated and unique experience for healing.