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Testimonial Dr Steve G Jones

“After fighting chronic pain and depression for many years, I had given up! Over the past six years I had seen a variety of doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist and mental health specialist. I had been prescribed countless medications, which had not achieved the desired effect of breaking the cycle of pain and the depression.

During my very first visit, Keli immediately identified that my current medical conditions were not the only source of my cycle of pain and depression. She guided me through an exercise that put me in control of my pain, and by the end of the session I understood that dealing with chronic pain can be life changing, but it does not have to be life ending.”

Eric P

Miami, Florida

Are you curious about hypnosis for anxiety and depression? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you exhausted, fatigued from battling with anxiety and depression? Hypnosis can help!

If you are anxious or depressed on a daily basis, it’s important to seek help before it takes a serious physical toll on your body. Emotional states can cause physical manifestations and illness in your body.


It is a result of the mind body connection.

Anxiety and depression can also interfere with your personal relationship, career, or academic pursuits. It can alter your ability to perform daily tasks and hinder your ability to sleep.

How do I know??? I had a personal struggle with anxiety for 15 years!

It was through my hypnotherapy training that I finally found relief for my anxiety. I struggled with for YEARS!

I finally reached the point where I was literally exhausted each and every day as a result of it. It become a constant companion in my life and it made it difficult  for not only me, but for my family members as well.

depressed man, thinking about everything he has to accomplished. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression helps to deal with these feelings.

Today, I can honestly say that I no longer struggle with anxiety and attribute it to my hypnotherapy work.

I am so much happier, calm and content, and my family benefits from my transformation as well. It makes for a much happier and healthier home life.


Chronic anxiety and depression are difficult to overcome on your own.

Instead of turning to prescription medications that can become addicting, hypnosis for anxiety and depression can help you learn to manage your anxiety and depression naturally.

Through hypnosis, Keli Raymond, CHt, certified clinical hypnotherapist, can open your subconscious mind to change the way you react to perceived physical and emotional stress with hypnosis for anxiety and depression.


Are You Suffering From Depression?

If you suffer from depression, hypnosis can help you reconnect with joy and peace. It frees you to refocus on positivity and your future.

If you’re ready to overcome anxiety and depression and take charge of your life again, call Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling at (754) 484-4492 or request your consultation here.. In addition to one on one hypnosis for anxiety and depression sessions at our offices in Coral Springs, Florida, and Elk Grove, California, our services are also available by phone or Skype.

“Keli Pescatore simply stated is an amazing woman. When I first sought treatment at Pathway Hypnotherapy, I had been coping with anxiety and fear stemming from a phobia I developed when I was fourteen years of age. I was rather skeptical about trying hypnotherapy after living with this phobia for over fifteen years and trying other methods which were unsuccessful. Having heard so many negative comments and preconceived notions about this form of therapy I was naturally apprehensive. However I made the choice to give it a try after all the frustration I felt having tried all different methods of treatment to no avail. My first session with Keli was very comforting. She reassured me that hypnosis for anxiety and depression was a safe and successful method of resolving anxiety and overcoming phobias. I immediately felt calm once she told me that I would be under my own control and would simply feel a lot more relaxed after the session was over. Keli not only reassured me this but delivered on her promise as well! After I left her office I knew something wonderful had taken place. I immediately felt a sense of personal empowerment, confidence and an overwhelming sense of calm. Over the next few weeks Keli and I worked diligently on keeping this same state of mind while addressing the issues associated with my anxiety; helping me to find the root cause, guiding and giving me techniques that helped me to confront and put my anxiety and phobia to rest. I am most grateful for having worked with Keli on these issues for not only has she helped me with anxiety and overcoming my phobia but she has assisted me in clearing up issues concerning my career and life purpose. In addition she has been integral in helping me to understand and manage my emotions which for years had been wreaking havoc on my personal relationships.

Without a shadow of doubt Keli has been like a breath of fresh air with her warm, open and bubbly personality. It is apparent that she has a deep understanding of what it is her clients are experiencing. She not only shows that understanding by how deeply she cares but the empathy she displays in helping to bring about the outcomes you desire in your life. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity of meeting and working with someone as wonderful as Keli. If it were not for her deep concern and level of understanding I would not have been able to move past this fear that had been holding me back and limiting so much of my potential. I can now say that I am much more grounded and I have a clearer understanding and vision of what it is I want for my life. Best of all I can now live the way I want without the fear and anxiety I felt before. Keli has truly been a blessing in disguise, she has given me the tools to help me to empower myself and live the life I want and imparted a lasting knowledge so that “I don’t have to invent the wheel again!” as she would so affectionately say.”

Shaneice P

Miami, FL

“When I first met Keli, I found her to be a very compassionate, warm and friendly person. After 3 or 4 hypnosis for anxiety and depression sessions my life was completely transformed! I have been suffering with anxiety for about the past 20 years. I tried everything possible, from working out, psycho therapy, anti anxiety medication, and nothing actually “cured” me. I came to Keli with an open and willing mind. Immediately after my first session, I felt different. For the first time in a long time, I woke up in the morning without a panic attack, which had been my routine for as long as I can remember. I had 2 more sessions with her. Now it has been 4 months and I can honestly say, I feel calmer than I ever had in my life! Keli was an answer to my prayers and I cannot recommend her enough. She got right to the root of my problem and I must say, “cured” me. Thank you so much Keli for giving me my life back!!!”

Veronica B Coral Springs, FL

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If you are seeking help for an issue that is negatively affecting your life, call Keli, Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling,  to schedule a complimentary consultation at (754) 484-4492. Our hypnosis for anxiety and depression and all other hypnotherapy services are available via one on one sessions in our offices in Coral Springs, Sacramento/Bay Areas, by phone or online. Request your consultation here.

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